Chasing the sun through the city

What draws large numbers
of people to a city?

Why are some cities loved while others aren’t? Ask most people what city they’d most like to visit and you will likely hear a list of the usual suspects – New York, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore et al; fairytale cities that thrive on the stories and myths that people have created around them.

Colombo has been the city of dreams to Sri Lankans for centuries: a grand stage of politics, commerce and culture. Owing to the city’s proximity to the Indian Ocean and Kelaniya River, the etymological roots of Colombo – which can be traced back to 13th century – has the city being viewed as a ‘harbour with leafy mangoes’ by inland dwellers of the island: perhaps even then our ancestors knew Colombo’s destiny would be to welcome the world to Sri Lankan shores.

And as nations came bearing trade, culture and colonialism, Colombo was transformed into the focal point of the Sri Lankan kaleidoscope.

Today Colombo is closer to fulfilling its destiny. The last decade has seen a new cycle of development that will permanently alter the city. It is then as good a time as any to capture her in all her essence as she is today.


Because at BLERD we are dedicated to becoming the conduit of cultural conversation, in and around Sri Lanka – online and on the road. Because BLERD was birthed in Colombo – inside her homes and on her streets. It is only right then our first story be dedicated to her.


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